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Home > Hardware > Dog leash

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High quality stainless steel gold chain dog leash nylon big rope collar leather dog leash

1.Pack of 3 (1ˇÁLeash + 1ˇÁHarness + 1ˇÁCollar) you can freedom collocation for your pets.

2. Adjustable soft and durable dog collar harness leash set made of strong double-ply braiding nylon,will not hurt your dog s fur.
3. Front Range Freedom Straps are wide and soft high-density poly that prevents chafing and pinching.
4. Adjustable Harness: Every harness can be adjusted by using the hard plastic straps.


Item no DR-WD0400BT DR-WD0401BT DR-WD0402BT DR-WD0403BT
Size Size XS S M L
Rope size 15mm*160cm 15mm*160cm 20mm*160cm 25mm*160cm
Fit Chest Girth 30-45cm 40-60cm 55-70cm 65-80cm
Fit Neck Girth 28-34cm 32-42cm 42-52cm 50-63cm
Weight Chest+Collar
178 224 402 643
Weight (kg)
9 15 35 70
Material Nylon
Color Red/blue/black/green/black+Red/Red+blue/

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